The first Jo Malone London Gent

Meet London born movie star John Boyega. . Boyega straddles two completely different worlds professionally and personally: from his roots in Peckham to the flashes of the red carpet. “Two worlds colliding: this is my crazy life right now, and it’s thrilling”, says Boyega.

He brings a vibrant energy, an authentic sense of heritage and a look towards the future. “I love the creativity and storytelling element of Jo Malone London. It’s something I resonate with, it’s how I work best. With discussion, collaboration and down to earth honesty,” says Boyega.

Boyega reverberates with vigour and energy and intends to bring this spirit to Jo Malone London. Each of our scents accentuate the surprising and bold, just like our leading man. While a huge presence and personality, Boyega himself values understatement and originality in scent. “Bronze Wood & Leather has become a favourite. I like to wear it daily. It doesn’t attract too much attention, but at the same time it gets people looking and smelling,” says Boyega.

Boyega’s career so far demonstrates high versatility from British independent film, Attack the Block, set on a Brixton estate, to Hollywood as the leading man in Star Wars. His roles are ambitious, complex and challenging. “When I read a script, it’s all about character arc. Something has to happen to my character. He has to be a different person at the end of it” he explains. “My favourite part about being on set is collaborating with the people. It’s how the magic starts and is created. To be a part of that and witness it is the biggest rush.”

Think London in all its spectacular clashes of culture and vibrancy, and who better to reflect this than Boyega, the newest member to our Jo Malone London family: The Gent.